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Shipping and Returns

When Will My Package Arrive?


Continental U.S.
(for AK or HI, add one business day)
Delivery Window
Ordered Fed Ex 2 Day Fed Ex Ground Priority Mail First-Class
Saturday after 12pm MST to Monday before 12pm MST Wednesday ThursdayFriday WednesdayThursday ThursdayFriday
Monday after 12pm MST to Tuesday before 12pm MST Thursday FridayMonday ThursdayFriday FridaySaturday
Tuesday after 12pm MST to Wednesday before 12pm MST Friday MondayTuesday FridaySaturday SaturdayMonday
Wednesday after 12pm MST to Thursday before 12pm MST Monday TuesdayWednesday SaturdayMonday MondayTuesday
Thursday after 12pm MST to Friday before 12pm MST Tuesday WednesdayThursday MondayTuesday TuesdayWednesday
Friday after 12pm MST to Saturday before 12 pm MST Tuesday WednesdayThursday TuesdayWednesday WednesdayThursday

Receptra Shipping and Return Policy

Here at Receptra we are very proud of our products. We understand sometimes there might be issues and we’re here to help. Below are our policies on shipping and returns.

Shipping – Lost Packages

If your package hasn’t arrived here are some steps you can take:

  1. Check your emailed receipt for the address you requested we mail to. Sometimes packages get sent to billing addresses or a number might get mistyped. If it was mailed to an incorrect address try contacting the shipping company with the tracking number provided in your emailed receipt.
  2. Check the status of the package with the shipping company. This can usually be done by clicking on the link in your emailed receipt.
  3. Did the package get delivered? We know, this might sound silly, but we’ve all missed that package that fell into the bush, or another family member picked up and moved.

Still no package? Give us a call and we can help find your package or resend an item if needed.

Shipping – Wrong Product or Damaged Products  

Didn’t get what you expected or it didn’t arrive the way it should? Give us a call and we can usually get a replacement sent to you in 48 hours. We’ll also provide a box to return the incorrect or damaged product so keep any product so you can send it back.

Large orders can be insured at the orderer’s request. This may be an additional charge depending on the situation.

Shipping – Returns

Need to return an item? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you with the return.

We offer replacement on products within seven days of the date you receive the product. You may have to return the unused portion of the product to us to receive a replacement.

We offer refunds if you receive a damaged or incorrect product, please contact us right away so we can correct the issue. You will have to return the incorrect item to us. For damaged items we may make a claim with the shipping company. Your statements to us about how the damage occurred may be included in this claim.

We offer refunds on most orders if you contact us before the product arrives to you, or before the shipping package has been opened. Refunds on opened packages within seven days of receipt may be given, but we may charge a restocking fee of 25% or less.

We resolve nearly 100% of our customer’s issues within 48 hours.

Other questions? Please contact us if you have any questions about your order.