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all receptra products are made with hemp grown sustainably on family-owned farms in Colorado using organic growing practices

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Thank you for this natural product. I’m just so pleased with the relief I get. I can’t believe I’m 70 years old and it took me all these years of suffering to finally find something to relieve my pain and give me a new quality of life. Kudos to you.


Best customer service I’ve ever experienced. All this with super products that do THE JOB ! Highly recommend if you’re in pain, you gotta give it a try!


The CBD oil works really well and the taste is good too! The lip balm is great. I LOVE IT! Doesn’t feel thick or sticky and it is pretty yummy, too.


Great product and awesome staff with excellent customer service!

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We use organic growing practices to create pure cbd oil that is always submitted for third party testing. Just enter the code from the green label on your product below.


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5 Razones Para Escoger Receptra Naturals CBD

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