5 Things Everyone Should Know About Hemp

The hemp plant is often mistaken for its relative, marijuana. Scratching your head? Yes, hemp and marijuana are different! Clearing up this misconception will lead you to all of the amazing ways that hemp can positively impact your life. Here are 5 things everyone should know about hemp!

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1.) What is Hemp?

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. Despite being related to marijuana, hemp is very different genetically. The US Federal government classifies Cannabis sativa as hemp if it contains 0.3% or less THC. Therefore, hemp is non-psychoactive. Consuming hemp products will NOT make you high!

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2.) What Can The Hemp Plant Do?

The stalk of the hemp plant is dense, making it versatile. Hemp stalks can be used to make every day products such as like clothing and carpet. Hemp can also make biofuels and even concrete!

The seed of the hemp plant is very nutritious. As we begin to embrace nutrient-dense whole-foods, hemp is becoming a common ingredient in flours, milks, protein supplements, and body products and cosmetics.

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3.) Can Hemp Help the Planet?

Growing hemp can have a huge environmental impact. First, hemp is a crop that cleans soil. This ability, known as bioremediation, meaning that hemp removes toxins and environmental pollutants from the soil. This property makes hemp an ideal rotation crop for farmers, and even those seeking to cleanup areas with toxic soil. Hemp can also clean our air. According to Hemp Global Solutions, each ton of hemp grown represents 1.63 tons of CO2 absorption. Hemp helps our soil and air – it’s a super crop that is helping the planet!

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4.) Why the War on Hemp?

Hemp’s relative, marijuana, hasn’t been a huge help. Prior to the 2014 US Farm Bill, there was no Federal legislation that differentiated hemp and marijuana. The 2014 Farm Bill allows states to pass industrial hemp legislation, enabling them to grow industrial hemp! Now, hemp is booming. As a nation, we’ve made progress by embracing industrial hemp cultivation. Despite this progress, we must work hard to educate those who believe hemp as the same effects as marijuana.

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5.) What Can Hemp Do for You?

In addition to being  a “superfood,” hemp also contains powerful cannabinoids. Contrary to common thought, THC is not the only cannabinoid produced by the Cannabis plant. Hemp naturally produces high amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD), which is an incredibly beneficial cannabinoid.

At Receptra, we use hemp which is naturally high in CBD to create pure CBD oil, whole-plant extracts and topicals. Our products help to assist your body in maintaining homeostasis by catering to the human endocannabinoid system. Hemp helps us to help you!

To learn more about what hemp can do for you, read about Receptra hemp products here.

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