When was your last massage? Massages are calming, energizing, and healing for the body, mind, and spirit. A good massage can help relieve that tension in your lower back, or that painful left shoulder that keeps acting up. If you have ever had a good professional massage, you know that they feel great! What if it could be even better? Perhaps, a CBD massage is exactly what you need.

The Benefits of Getting a Massage

According to a recent consumer survey by the American Massage Therapy Association,  41 percent of participants claimed that their reason for getting a massage was medical and 26 percent said it was due to stress. Additionally, of those surveyed, 88 percent believe that massage is important for overall health and wellness. And we agree! Whatever your reason is to get a massage, Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical salve is a natural way to help make your experience deeper, more relaxing, and more effective.

Charmaine Stattman has been a massage therapist for over 20 years.

“Massage affects the circulatory, skeletal, respiratory, nervous, and, of course, muscular systems in our bodies. It increases circulation and relieves stress and tension. Massage not only affects a person’s physical body but also their mental, emotional and spiritual state. Whatever the reason for getting a massage, people always leave with a sense of relief.”



Why a CBD Massage is Even Better

 Charmaine is now incorporating Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical into her regular massage practice.

“What I love about Receptra’s Targeted Topical is that my clients respond faster. Muscles relax quickly and my clients experience relief more effectively. If someone comes in with low back pain, me simply massaging them will help. But they typically experience a faster response when I apply Targeted Topical throughout the massage.”

There are over 100 known cannabinoids within hemp plants. These organic molecules interact at a cellular level with receptors within our natural endocannabinoid system. This vitally important system within our bodies includes receptors directly underneath our skin. That is why Receptra’s Targeted Topical is formulated to interact with those receptors to help relieve the inflammation which often leads to aches and pains. Just imagine how great your next massage will be with the additional soothing properties of Receptra Targeted Topical! 

Experience the Best CBD Massage Ever!

Charmaine is passionate about helping people feel better and live a healthy lifestyle. She was even present at the Receptra Naturals-sponsored 9280 Pond Hockey Tournament to give free Receptra Targeted Topical CBD massages to players and fans. Colorado residents can  schedule an appointment with Charmaine at her studio in Littleton, just a few miles outside of Denver.  Or, of course, you could bring your own Targeted Topical with you to your next massage appointment!  

CBD Massage Self-Care

If you need an extra boost in between massage sessions, don’t be afraid to do a little self-care. Simply dig your fingers into your Receptra Targeted Topical and apply it anywhere you may have discomfort. Make sure you thoroughly massage the product into your skin. The massaging motion increases blood flow and helps the cannabinoids in the Targeted Topical to interact with the cannabinoid receptors just beneath your skin. Welcome to the best massage ever and prepare to experience a whole new level of relaxation!