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  • [[1993/08/21]]
  • Height: 5’5’’
  • Weight: 135
  • Class: Bantamweight
  • Record: 2-0
  • Association: Invicta Fighting Championship
  • Favorite Receptra Product: Pro

Shaianna "Yaya" Rincon is a professional mixed martial artist from Vacaville, California. Yaya has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the Invicta Fighting Championship, but like many pro fighters, it hasn't been an easy path. With an amateur record of 4-0, and accolades like- "2014 California Fights Bantamweight of the Year", and "2017 No Gi World Champion Blue Belt", it might surprise you that her future in professional MMA was once uncertain. After taking a year off in 2016 to complete her Psychology Degree, Yaya returned to the sport and quickly landed herself a contract with Invicta. Now, she is 2-0 as a Pro, and she is looking to make a run for the top spot in her division.

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