Just as the changing color of tree leaves signify season change, so do the changing colors of the hemp plant. It is hemp harvest season on the Receptra Naturals farm, located in beautiful Colorado. There are several reasons that Receptra CBD Oil is known for its purity and effectiveness. That all starts on the farm with compassionate farmers who understand the importance of thoughtful and detailed growth and hemp harvest techniques.

It Starts with a Seed

Our farmers cultivate their own hemp seed, ensuring that it meets the highest standards and fulfills all of the requirements of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We start with organic, quality seed and soil located in a fertile Colorado valley that was once known as a mecca of agricultural production for surrounding towns. Colorado provides a great climate for optimal hemp growth.

Organic Production

Each of our hemp plants are cultivated on-site and carefully planted by experienced farmers who understand the intricacies of the plant. Ladybugs play an important part in keeping pests away from the hemp plants and also provide a fun environment and splash of color in the fields. Plants are rain irrigated and there are no chemicals used at any point during the planting, growth or harvesting processes.

Hand Harvesting Difference

harvest hands

Our farmers proudly harvest the fully grown plants and hang up the good stuff to dry. Too much moisture means the plant is a little sticky and difficult to work with. Once enough of the moisture evaporates, the plants are hand-shucked preserving only the flower and none of the extra parts like leaves, stalks, and stems.

Many CBD companies use machines for this process. Machine shucking can result in prematurely breaking apart the phytocannabinoids which can leave an excess amount of chlorophyll and fats in the oil. This can cause an unpleasant flavor and reduce nutritional value. Hand shucking preserves the great terpene profile Receptra products are known for. 

On-Site Processing

on site processing

The flowers are naturally sun-dried. Then they are ready for the conversion to Receptra Naturals pure CBD Oil through clean cold ethanol extraction. The pure product is then handed off to our in-house chemist to provide the finishing touches to create the Receptra Naturals products that we all know and love. Check out the Receptra Interactive Certificate of Analysis to find out exactly what is in your bottle!

The Receptra Pure CBD Oil Hemp Harvest Season Difference

receptra active cbd oil

When choosing your CBD Oil, keep in mind the brand’s standards and commitment to quality from seed to bottle. Receptra chooses environmental responsibility, attention to detail and transparency in all aspects of what we do. Here’s to another amazing hemp harvest season on the Receptra farm!