Why Receptra Naturals Strives to Support Athletes

Athletes are front and center in today’s media. Unfortunately the uplifting stories about game winning touchdowns are being clouded by off-field reporting.  Most of these stories paint the picture that depression, anxiety, substance abuse and a loss of identity are just part of the process the pro’s experience when leaving the sport they love. Receptra Naturals is not convinced, and we are working to help athletes find solutions.

Former NFL player Nate Jackson offers a raw, unforgiving explanation of the experience in a recent blog post.

Athletes For Care

Receptra Naturals Hemp CBD Oil Riley Cote Athletes for Care

To address this issue, a collection of former pro’s from the NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC and other high impact sports have come together to create Athletes For Care (A4C), a 501c3 non-profit organization.  A4C is a community for athletes to provide support, opportunity and purpose to one another. Resources that are vital in life after a career in sports.  So why does Receptra Naturals support this organization?

Bas Rutten & Riley Cote pave the way

Riley Cote Receptra Naturals Hemp CBD Athletes For Care

We were introduced to A4C by Bas Rutten and Riley Cote, who are not only part of the Receptra family, but also founding members of this organization.  Aside from the personal connection, Receptra and A4C share a common perspective on approaching individual health and wellness.  The athletes who started A4C are united by the collective belief that health crises such as opioid addiction, depression, chronic pain, and traumatic brain injury can be effectively treated by a combination of alternative solutions. Including cannabis, proper nutrition, yoga and mindfulness.

Receptra at the plate with Pro Athletes

Receptra Naturals Kickball Athletes Hemp CBD UFC MMA

This past summer, Receptra participated in a Kickball Tournament fundraiser presented by A4C.  The event helped to raise almost $10,000 to go toward the development of the A4C athlete support programs.  With UFC legend Frank Shamrock as team captain, Receptra kicked through the other teams. The championship was ours, and we dedicated it to pure CBD oil!

Yes, we are proud that Receptra assembled the greatest kickball team in the world! However, we are prouder to support an organization like Athletes For Care. Participating in an event that promoted the active lifestyle cannabis user was a perfect way to kickoff our partnership .  If you share the belief that a natural approach to healing is often times more effective than popping pills, check out Athletes For Care and learn what they’re all about.  www.athletesforcare.org.

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