Last night, the world was introduced to The The show, hosted by UFC legend Frank Shamrock and fitness guru Robert Ferguson, takes a new approach to cannabis news.

Hemp News


The show’s format is very similar to morning news programs but focuses on all things cannabis. In the show’s premiere, Shamrock and Ferguson discuss topics from the DEA’s position on cannabidiol to cooking with cannabis.

While the show does offer plenty of valuable insight into the world of cannabis, it has also created a new advertising opportunity for cannabis companies. Until now, cannabis companies have struggled to get mainstream media exposure in the same way traditional brands do.

Receptra Naturals Commercial

The BakeOut featured Receptra Naturals hemp oil in their first episode. Shamrock and Ferguson hysterically use Receptra hemp oil to power them through their workouts. The hosts give us a first-hand look at using hemp oil in real world situations—this is the future of cannabis marketing!