Receptra Pet – Pure Hemp Extracts for Your Whole Family!

Receptra Pet CBD oil is a carefully formulated blend of our premium CBD-hemp extract and MCT oil designed to promote the health and wellness of your pet(s). Developed using our proprietary hemp genetics 100% grown on family-owned farms in Colorado, Receptra Pet offers a premium product at an affordable price.

How Does CBD for Pets Work?

Like humans, most pets (all mammals) have a natural endocannabinoid system that works to keep the body balanced. This system promotes homeostasis and helps to regulate various other systems in the body through the use of cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. CBD is a powerful antioxidant typically derived from the hemp plant. Receptra CBD comes from organically farmed hemp. The cannabinoids and high fatty acid content in Receptra Pet CBD can provide a number of benefits to your four-legged family member.

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Studies show that there is no toxic level of CBD for pets. As a natural antioxidant and neuroprotectant, you can depend on CBD to protect your pet’s health and vitality. Hemp CBD products, like Receptra Pet, contain less than 0.3% THC and are available online and in stores near you.

$24.95 – $79.95

Receptra Naturals Pet CBD

Optimize your pet’s health and wellness with Receptra Naturals Pet CBD.

  • Restore and Maintain Balance
  • Promote Focused Energy
  • Support Increased Mobility
  • Decrease Restlessness
  • Provide Powerful Antioxidants
  • Soothe Pets who are Moody or on Edge

$24.95 – $79.95

I started using Receptra Pet for my 11-year-old yellow Lab about a month ago. I’m not using much and he has more spunk and pep in his step.! He also seems to be moving around easier. He used to limp, and will now occasional run for the door when he is called inside for dinner.

-Karen Brandeis

My mom’s dogs are both old and in serious amounts of discomfort. So, we tried using marijuana products and CBD. One of the dogs is so bad he will just sit there and shake most of the day and you can tell they are both having a lot of difficulty with mobility. We recently started giving them Receptra Pet and it seriously works. After one small serving, one of the dogs stopped shaking for three days. Both had noticeably less discomfort for days after one dose of CBD compared to the prescription pain meds the veterinarian gave them. We actually took them off those pain meds and have them running on pure CBD. The vets are amazed at how well it works. There is lots of research on the subject … the research is all there my friend.

-Craig Mckenley

We rescued a German Shorthaired Pointer named “Sassy” and started her immediately on Receptra Pet to help her overcome her fear of loud noises. She was a stray and was probably left scared and lonely outside foraging for food, so we wanted to make sure she had the best start at a new life. Sassy has become the most loving, loyal, well-adjusted member of our pack. Now she even has a new little brother “Bugatti” an 11-week old pup of the same breed. We started Bugatti on Receptra and he is flourishing! Thank you Receptra Pet. We wish we would have had this when we first got my hubby’s service dog “Capone” seven years ago. Capone was put down several weeks ago for inoperable health issues. Tragic and sad… maybe he would be with us today if I had Receptra Pet.

-Francesca Parker

50%Meet my dog Charcoal, a 10-year old black labrador.  Charcoal has severe hip issues due to old age and spends most of his days stuck laying on the main floor of my house. He is unable to go up or down the stairs and struggling to remain active. Charcoal started using Receptra Pet a month ago and the results have been amazing! I took him to Lake Ontario this past weekend and my new 10-month old puppy Charly had a tough time keeping up with Charcoal. Thank you Receptra!

-Rob F.

My aging lab has had severe mobility issues the last year or so. Koa was barely getting up even when food was in the bowl. What kind of lab doesn’t run for food?! A friend recommended I try giving him Receptra Pet. One dropper twice a day has him now up and moving so much better! Thank you Receptra!

-Felicia Graves

I know a lot of people are hesitant to give CBD to cats. My feline senior citizen takes it in her tuna every day. It took a couple of tries to figure out the best way to get her to take it because she wasn’t super fond of the taste. Tuna was the winner! She has a much better temperament and seems to be less uncomfortable now that she is taking Receptra.

-Sara Reyes

Did you know you can give Receptra Pet to your pet pig? Sure enough. Petunia takes Receptra right out of the dropper. She even stands there and asks for it!

-Daren Mann