Medium-Chain Triglycerides, or MCT, are fatty acids easily metabolized by the human body. We do not often discuss fats as being healthy or beneficial. Evidence suggests that the regular intake of MCT oil in has a number of beneficial impacts on the human body. Additionally, MCT oil has proven to be natural and successful aid in epileptic seizure control treatment.

Research on MCT Oil


Unlike Long-Chain Triglycerides (LCT), MCT fat is processed by the liver. Researchers believe that MCT may increase the energy expended by the body. Scientists tested this hypothesis, and found these results:

“In humans, MCT increases energy expended relative to LCT consumption.”  Researchers suggest that MCT could “facilitate weight maintenance in humans.”

In another study, scientists compared MCT oil specifically with olive oil, which is a LCT.  Their goal was to determine which has a greater impact on weight loss. The results again supported the hypothesis that MCT oil is an appropriate component of a weight-loss diet. Those participants ingesting MCT oil lost more fat mass and body weight than those who ingested olive oil.

MCT Oil for Health Crisis


MCT oil is not only beneficial for those seeking to shed weight. It also shows to be an important component of seizure control in those suffering from various degrees of epilepsy. Many of those with this condition subscribe to the ketogenic diet, which is a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fats (particularly MCT fats). The results of one study show the impact of MCT on seizure control compared to a pharmaceutical epilepsy treatment (referred to as VPA in the study). The results of the study show that MCT oil has a greater success rate in seizure control when compared to the pharmaceutical option. Their results state:

Our data therefore implicates medium chain fatty acids in the mechanism of the MCT ketogenic diet, and highlights a related new family of compounds that are more potent than VPA in seizure control with a reduced potential for side effects.

Natural Health Benefits


MCT oil has benefits far beyond weight loss. It can be a game-changer when used by patients suffering from epileptic seizures. Additionally, research finds it to be more potent when compared to a leading pharmaceutical option, despite the fact that it is a natural supplement.

MCT oil has a number of beneficial impacts on the human body when ingested regularly. Incorporating MCT oil into your diet is an excellent way to improve health. If you are looking for a natural energy boost try sources of MCT. Consider MCT’s efficacy as an enhancement to your wellness strategy.