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Marcus "Bad Intentions" Edwards

  • [[1989/04/26]]
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 164 LBS
  • Class: Welterweight
  • Record: 12-5-0
  • Association: Factory X Muay Thai/MMA/BJJ
  • Favorite Receptra Product: Pro

Marcus “Bad Intentions” Edwards is a man who definitely lives up to his name, from the beginning and leading​ up to his professional MMA career. With an amateur record of 11-0, and professional 155 lb record of 12-5, with 5 wins by TKO, 6 by submission, and 1 by decision.

Now, Edwards is transitioning to 170 lbs for an unbreakable record. He is the ninth-ranked Pro in men’s lightweight division in the United States. Marcus holds the title for Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz and has successfully defended that title seven times. He also holds the pro lightweight title for Fight to Win and won fighter of the year and submission of the year in 2013. It did not come easy for Edwards.

A natural athlete through and through, as a youngster, Edwards was 16th in the nation in cross country at 11 years old for his age group. He held a purple belt in judo/jujitsu going 16-0 as a young boxer and also played football and wrestling year around. His talents earned him scholarships for football and wrestling but with his kind and humble heart he passed that up to stay home with the ones he loves, to help care for a disabled family member. Always an avid athlete working out and training hard he came across the opportunity to bring all his skills together and train MMA. That's when he moved from his hometown in Southern California out to Denver Colorado almost 8 years ago.

He has been fighting out Factory X Muay Thai in Littleton, Colorado, as well strength conditioning at Landow Performance in Centennial, Colorado to perfect more skills. From experience his fighting style transcribes as free and spontaneous. When he is not there, he ventures the four corners of the state absorbing all that it has to offer which has helped him focus on his fighting career.

Season to season (fight camp to fight camp) he enjoys Jeeping, hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, camping and wakeboarding. His big heart is loved by many that look up to him from life experiences. With a job guiding those with developmental disabilities in the right direction in life and assisting with living a filling joyful life. His big heart, generosity, and determination as an athlete has earned him many friends and fans. Marcus “Bad Intentions” Edwards may be a force to be reckoned with in the Octagon, but outside, he is certainly someone you want in your corner!

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