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Jordan "Young Gun" Mein

  • [[1989/10/10]]
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 170 LBS
  • Class: Welterweight
  • Record: 29-12
  • Association: Canadian Martial Arts Centre
  • Favorite Receptra Product: Pro

Jordan Mein is currently fighting for the UFC in the welterweight division. He fought for Strikeforce prior to UFC buying the company. Mein's father Lee Mein has his own organization called rumble in the cage in Jordan's hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta. Jordan Mein started his amateur and professional career in his father's organization. Jordan "Young Gun" Mein's first competition was at 11 years old at rumble in the cage 2. His first professional mixed martial arts bout was when he was 16-also for rumble in the cage. Jordan Mein is currently preparing to compete in his 8th UFC bout. His long career is a testament to the value that CBD has for MMA athletes.

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