We do our best to provide natural skin care products that are formulated for efficacy.  As a result, our natural products are sensitive to temperature changes.  During very warm weather, products may soften or even melt in transit as they sit in warm mail trucks, mailboxes or on front porches. We use protective packaging in the heat of summer, so most products do make their journey safely but some packages can get warm.

Is My Product Ruined?

No!  On sunny or warm days it is best to refrigerate BEFORE opening the jars. If you open items to check if melting has occurred, they may spill out and make a mess!  Check below for ways to revitalize your product.  The quality and healing properties of our products are not affected by melting.

How Can I Fix It?

Body Butter: Place it in the refrigerator. The melting will not affect the quality of the whipped butter as a great moisturizer, but the whipped consistency will change. It will become more like a body balm.  If you receive a container that feels warm, place it in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes BEFORE opening.  After opening, whip with a fork for about 30 seconds.  Whipping adds tiny air bubbles that are suspended in the cream that lighten the density making the butter fluffy. If a whipped product melts, the air bubbles are collapsed, so the volume is decreased. So although the jar was filled to the top, if the butter melts, there will be less volume in the container. The container may actually look half full.  Our Body Butter jars contain 92 grams of product, whipped to a volume of 120-130 mL.

Targeted Topical: Place the container in the freezer for 20 minutes upon receiving.  The consistency will return to normal as the topical returns to room temperature.

How We Take Precautions.

We check every product before it is packed for shipping and individually wrap products to ensure any melting is contained from a leaky package.  We wrap our products in bubble wrap pouches or other padding to add another layer of insulation.
As a result, most products shipped in warm weather arrive without melting. But please understand, there is no way that we can ship products to completely control for the high heat temperatures of summer, trucks and mailboxes.

What’s the issue?

Formulating natural skin care products is a delicate process.  Humidity levels, air temperature, and other external factors can drastically affect the consistency of the products.  As a result, the Targeted Topical in Minnesota will feel slightly different than the Targeted Topical in Georgia.  Finding the balance of consistency and fortitude becomes a whole new challenge in areas where the average temperature reaches 90 degrees or higher on a daily basis.

Our Targeted Topical is formulated to be a medium consistency solid at room temperatures. The Body Butter is formulated to be a semi-soft solid at room temperatures.  Upon contact with skin, they quickly melt providing an effective delivery mechanism for the goodness inside!

Enjoy the summer, but don’t let the heat get to you (or your Receptra Skin Care Products)!