The holiday season is upon us, and that means plenty of traveling to visit family and friends. Some of this travel could mean long lines at the airport or exhausting road trips in a car. However you get there, CBD is an integral part of these holiday travel tips to make the journey (and destination) more enjoyable.

CBD for Discomfort in your seat

Whether you are in a car or on a plane, you are still cramped in the same seat for potentially hours and hours. Even flying first class or driving the latest car with all the extras for comfort, there could still be a good deal of discomfort. For those flying main cabin or riding in a small car from the 90’s, it can get pretty uncomfortable pretty fast.

When you sit, your hip flexors and hamstrings are shortened along with the muscles connected to your hips such as your glutes and quads. The low back may also be shortened in a seated position. This shortening makes muscles tight when you stand up again. It also makes it difficult for blood to properly circulate to all of your extremities.


To combat that muscle soreness, Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical provides immediate relief. Applying before and after you get on a plane is ideal, though depending on where you are headed, the product will likely be allowed in your carry on. If driving, try and apply whenever you stop or feel the need. To get the most out of your Targeted Topical, rub it vigorously onto the sore areas so that the cannabinoids have the best chance to interact with receptors directly under the skin.

Irritation From Fellow Passengers and Family

Do you have the bad luck on planes of always sitting near crying babies, rowdy teenagers or that guy who just wants to tell you his whole life story? Are you driving a long distance with loved ones or little ones? Travel companions can certainly cause you to be irritable. Luckily the endocannabinoid system has receptors in the mood-boosting areas of the brain. This means that activating those receptors by taking CBD can help take the edge off and potentially reduce irritability. As a general holiday travel tip, on long trips, you can use as much zen as possible.

Travel companions may not be the only source of irritation on your trip. Spending time with large groups of family and friends with a plethora of personalities does not always go as well as planned. If you have one of those types of families that is prone to bickering, you may even consider adding CBD to the dish you are bringing to the party.



Relaxation and Sleep in Uncomfortable Spots

It can be difficult to relax during times of travel. This could be because of anxiety in planes, trains or cars. It could be because of an uncomfortable seated position, loud noises, bumpy roads, turbulence and much more. Sometimes just resting during travel can help make the trip go faster (excluding those who are doing the driving).

CBD interacts with the same receptors as caffeine, so a regular serving can help promote alertness. In a larger serving, it can cause the body to relax enough to ease into a restful state and maybe even find much-needed sleep in the chaos. This could also be helpful when trying to find sleep in new beds, couches or wherever your head lands.

Skin Care Through Multiple Climates

With so much else to worry about, it is easy to forget about the effect traveling can have on your skin, but luckily it has made our list of holiday travel tips. Traveling can wreak havoc on your skin. The dry air of a plane or change in humidity as you turn the temperature up and down in a car, can be tough and cause irritation. If you are traveling to a location with a different climate, whether hot or cold, your skin may need a moment to adjust.

To assist in maintaining the overall health of your skin, Receptra has a CBD Body Butter that serves to moisturize and allow CBD to interact with the endocannabinoid receptors directly under the skin. The natural aroma of ingredients is paired with the therapeutic smells of Jasmine oil and camphor to help you become more relaxed.

Also pay close attention to dryness of your lips which are prone to becoming chapped during colder months, which can lead to other issues such as cracks and cold sores. Receptra’s CBD lip balm is easy to carry around and can help with that.

CBD Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling for the holidays can be fun but stressful. Use these Receptra CBD holiday travel tips to have the most enjoyable experience possible despite the hassle to and from your destination. Receptra CBD can be taken most places on an airplane and is easy to carry along for a car or train ride.

We would love to see photos of you and Receptra at your destination. Please tag us and use the hashtag #receptratravels. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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