There is no straight answer to that question. The appropriate serving size for CBD hemp oil in any form differs for every person, just like the correct amount of salt on your french fries. Factors such as size, metabolism, and desired result are keys to finding the correct amount specific to your body and answering the question of “How much CBD oil should I take?”

Why Choose CBD Hemp Oil Over Other Forms of CBD?

Oil is arguably the easiest and most effective method of administration for CBD. Unlike edibles, capsules, vaping or smoking CBD hemp oil bypasses two systems in the body that can lessen the desired effects: the pulmonary system and the digestive system.

The liver is part of the digestive system and this organ is extremely effective at diluting compounds that pass through it. Anything taken orally will pass through the liver and be broken down, thus becoming less available for the body to use.

CBD hemp oil that is taken sublingually (under the tongue) is routed directly into the bloodstream. This allows for more rapid and effective use of the entire serving of CBD.

Hey Mom! How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

When you are a child and you have a headache, you go to mom and say, “Mom, I have a headache.” She goes to the cupboard, hands you a pill and you take it. The headache goes away.

Maybe you are a little older and then it’s, “Mom, I have a really bad headache.” She goes back to the cupboard and hands you two pills. And that works.

Over time, eventually, you say the same thing and her reply is “The pills are in the cupboard.” Now you have to make a decision using the example that has been set by your mom, on how many pills should be taken to achieve the desired result.

Checking the Label

Think of the label on the product as Mom. You get to be the kid again (wouldn’t that be great?). Once you understand the general guidelines, you can make an educated decision on what is best for you.

It is important to check carefully. Just because a bottle is 1oz does not mean it has the same cannabinoid concentration as another 1oz bottle. Some other CBD companies can have as little as 200mg or less in a bottle of that size. Receptra has up to 2000mg in a 1oz bottle, depending on the formula.

CBD Comparison

How Much CBD Hemp Oil is in There?

First of all, you should know how much CBD hemp oil is in your bottle. Measurements for liquid oils are typically in milligrams (mg). If you don’t know how much CBD is in there you could potentially be getting a bottle of some other oil with a hint of CBD. That being said, most CBD hemp oil is combined with additional oils for added health benefits and a more efficient way to administer the compound throughout the body.

Receptra’s CBD concentrations are clearly listed on the front of the bottle and range from 250mg to 4000mg. Just because a bottle of CBD is 1oz, does not mean that each 1oz bottle contains the same cannabinoid concentration.

Just When You Thought You Would Never Use Algebra

This may take a little bit of math but it will look like this amount of CBD in the bottle divided by the number of CBD servings bottle. (Now we are really going old school – by that we mean algebra class, and no it is not always this difficult.)

Example: A 1oz bottle of Receptra Plus contains 1500mg of CBD. There are 33 servings in each bottle.

1500 / 33 = 45mg CBD per serving (0.9mL) . . . And there you go!


Calculating Without the Math

If that sounded complicated, don’t worry. Receptra Naturals lists the strength per bottle while you are shopping so you know what you are getting. The recommended serving for the 1500mg CBD Plus concentration is one dropper 2 to 3 times a day. That is .9 mL meaning it is ~45mg per dropper (Receptra rounds down with our formulations). That was a lot easier!

Factors in Deciding Your Serving of CBD Hemp Oil

It can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes on average to feel the effects of the oil when administered sublingually (under the tongue). Again, this is just an average. It can take longer or shorter depending on your body, though CBD is more often about what you don’t feel.

We suggest starting with the low serving and evaluating how you feel at that amount for a couple of days, then adjust as necessary. If you are using the compound to achieve a specific purpose, you may require more than the maintenance serving. There are no known negative reactions to high levels of CBD hemp oil, though the benefits level out at a certain point and may cause a more relaxed effect than desired.

In December 2017 the World Health Organization reported that there have been no adverse outcomes, but several medical applications for cannabidiol (CBD). The report stated that naturally occurring CBD is well-tolerated in humans and animals, safe and not associated with any negative public health effects. It is also non-addictive. Research on CBD is still being conducted to scientifically verify many potential benefits.

Not All CBD Hemp Oil is Created Equal

At Receptra Naturals, all of our pure CBD hemp oil is extracted in our fully licensed extraction facility in Colorado. During each step of production, Receptra’s expert lab technicians take special care to create safe and contaminant-free, pure cbd oils. All of our pure hemp oil is extracted from premium hemp flower. Receptra ensures a full spectrum of hemp’s cannabinoids without using the plant’s seeds, stems or stalks.

Each batch of Receptra hemp oil is submitted for third-party testing. We share our testing results with our customers to ensure full transparency into our process and products. Third-party testing and validation allow us to guarantee consistent, pure hemp extracts in all of our products. If you still find yourself asking “How much CBD oil should I take?” don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful customer service team.

Why We Say “Serving” Instead of CBD Dosage

According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines, CBD hemp oil products are not registered to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. CBD hemp oil products are dietary supplements and serving size is the appropriate term rather than CBD dosage.

If you have any questions about how much CBD hemp oil you should be taking, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Receptra Naturals. We will help you find the serving size that is appropriate to optimize your health.