Where would you go if you were looking for CBD for dogs? If you are reading this, you are already in the right place!

Receptra Naturals began with pure cbd oil and topicals for humans. Since then, we have expanded our focus to provide pure cbd for dogs. We’ve maintained our philosophy of putting safety first, when creating Receptra Pet products. Let’s take a look at what goes into Receptra Pet, and the benefits of cbd for dogs.

CBD for Dogs

CBD for Dogs Helps them Relax

We get a lot of questions about CBD for dogs. The interesting thing is, we aren’t Veterinarians, nor are we pet experts. But we are pet lovers, who want to give you safe and accurate information that will help you find the best CBD for dogs.

Sourcing CBD

When you are investigating CBD brands, you should first start with identifying the source of the company’s hemp. There are many CBD oil scams out there, and you need to be aware of the pitfalls. Generally speaking, you should look for companies that grow or source their hemp from the United States. This isn’t to say there aren’t foreign sources of hemp, but United States Hemp is generally safest for your dogs. Once you’ve identified the origin of the hemp, look for the company’s third-party testing results. Quality CBD producers will send their products for third-party testing to verify its safety and efficacy. These results should look something like Receptra’s certificates of analysis.

Types of CBD for Dogs

CBD for Dogs who like to play

There are many CBD products for dogs, and choosing the right one shouldn’t be a difficult decision. If you can answer a few questions about your dog, then you will be sure to make the right choice.

The first thing you must decide, is how you want to serve your CBD to your dog. Will you give the dog a biscuit? Have you tried giving your dog any oils from a dropper before? Is your dog a big drinker?

We recommend trying a CBD oil when starting your dog on a CBD plan. You will want to find an oil that has a clear serving size indication. Starting your dog on a serving size slightly lower than the recommended amount is wise. This way you can be sure to ease your dog into its new path to wellness.

If your dog likes biscuits, and whose dog doesn’t, consider putting the CBD oil on its next treat. The goal here is reinforce the idea that CBD is a treat. Another way to give the oil to your dog is to put it in its water dish. There is a chance that some of the oil will stick to the sides of its dish, so keep an eye out for this. You can also put the CBD oil into a ball of peanut butter or any of your dog’s favorite treats. However you get your dog to take CBD, just know it is a huge benefit to their health and longevity.

Topical CBD for Dogs

The benefits of CBD are generally the same for pets and their owners. CBD is a natural antioxidant and neuroprotectant. This means CBD helps to reduce toxins in the blood to improve circulation and reduce inflammation. CBD is also great for improving cognitive functioning. CBD for dogs who have trouble focusing is a sure fire way to naturally solve the issue!

Just like humans, dogs also have aches, pains, skin irritation and cuts or bruises. It may seem odd to consider rubbing a CBD topical on your dog’s skin, but they’ll love you for it. CBD topicals for dogs can quickly restore their skin to its natural state. If your dog has a cut or scrape, rub some CBD on it, and wait for the natural healing to begin. If you are going to put a CBD topical on your dog, be sure to read the ingredients. Dog’s will naturally want to lick the substance you put on their skin, so be sure the ingredients are all natural.

CBD for Dogs: Why?

CBD for Dogs Playing Frisbee

The benefits of CBD for dogs are very similar to those for their owners. Many people are turning to CBD oil for their dogs when they are trying to overcome health conditions. We frequently have people ask us if their are benefits of CBD for dogs with seizures. We suggest doing some research to find these answers. CBD for dogs is not regulated, and therefore we cannot give medical advice for you or your dog. But there is a lot of promising information out there related to the benefits of CBD for dogs with diseases and medical conditions.

Additionally, CBD is great for dogs who get anxious from loud noises like thunder, or crowds of people. If your dog seems a little stiff in the morning, like we all do sometimes, CBD may help loosen them up. There are no miracles from CBD, the results are largely science based. But if you are looking to help your dog be the best he or she can be, then try CBD for your dog today!