It has been a little over a month since MMA fighter Nate Diaz famously puffed on his cannabinoid vape pen in post-UFC 202 pressers. Diaz’ health focused behavior caught the attention of UFC fighters and fans alike who became curious about the fighter’s comment—“It’ll make your life a better place.”

MMA fighters stay ready with cannabinoids

CBD MMA Cannabinoids

Nate Diaz is at the top of his game. As one of the world’s premier MMA fighters, Diaz has become a role model for the many aspiring fighters around the world. Aside from his training techniques, aspiring fighters look to Diaz for advice on how to keep their bodies in top shape before, during and after bouts.

Ian “The Hurricane” Heinisch is just one of the fighters that committed to making his life a better place in the same way Nate Diaz does.

Heinisch is a Colorado native who is taking the MMA scene by storm. He started his amateur career in 2014 with three straight victories and carried that momentum into his professional career with a 6-0 start. As he prepares for his seventh professional bout, you may wonder—what is his secret?

Natural boosters

CBD Oil MMA fighters

Aside from his rigorous schedule of sparring, cardio, and weight lifting, Heinisch understands that adequate rest and proper nutrition is key to his ability to perform. Each of his meals is carefully tailored to meet the demands of the daily mental and physical stress he encounters. He depends on nightly rest and well-planned recovery days to ensure that his body is prepared to get up and do it all again.

But even professional athletes, like Heinisch, can struggle to abide by the narrow guidelines of training, nutrition, and rest. To assist him in his pursuit of MMA domination, Ian “The Hurricane” Heinisch uses Receptra Pro,hemp extract.

Receptra Pro is the professional athlete inspired hemp extract that contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, antioxidants, and neuroprotectants.

The 3-pronged approach to mental and physical perfection


CBD Oil MMA Cannabinoids


The cannabinoids in Receptra Pro are designed to naturally promote proper digestive system functioning so that Heinisch get’s what he needs out of his diet without wasting valuable energy. Additionally, cannabinoids can help you get the rest you need for recovery.

Often, fighters leave training and matches wound up with excitement. They turn to prescription medicines to sedate them, and find that the rest they get on these medications is not always the best—oh and they can be addictive. Cannabinoids, like those in Receptra Pro, can help you fall into a natural deep sleep without the pitfalls of prescription medications.


CBD MMA Cannabinoids

Antioxidants assist The Hurricane’s body in removing free radicals. Free radicals attack our bodies from all angles. This assault can inhibit pro level performance by extending recovery times from training and matches. As a fighter focuses on his upcoming match, he cannot be distracted by the battle against free radicals. Heinisch lets Receptra Pro handle that for him.

Pain is another side effect of a career in the ring. No matter how many massages, sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, or nights of solid rest a fighter gets, he/she will still deal with aches and pains. Antioxidants can help to reduce pain caused by free radicals that oxidize your muscles and joints. Consider this possibility before you pop your next addictive painkiller.


CBD MMA Cannabinoids Receptra

The neuroprotectants in Receptra Pro can help to increase cognitive functioning. For an MMA fighter, this means greater focus and faster reaction times during critical match moments.

Cannabinoid-based neuroprotectants have the attention of athletes that are concerned with the repetitive head trauma associated with their sport. With support from current and former athletes, scientists are thoroughly examining the potential for cannabinoid-based neuroprotectants to reduce and even eliminate neurodegenerative diseases like CTE. These diseases stem from concussions and repetitive head trauma like those sustained in MMA bouts.

Success in the MMA world can cause long-term damage to a fighter’s brain. Fighters like Heinisch are turning to Receptra Pro to ensure a better quality of life once he leaves the ring.

Prepared, protected, and ready to win!

CBD MMA Cannabinoids Ian Heinisch Receptra

 Heinisch is scheduled for his seventh professional MMA bout on Saturday, October 15th in Denver, Colorado. His dedication to training and the addition of Receptra Pro to his diet, position him to be the sure victor.

You can train like The Hurricane by introducing Receptra Pro to your active living strategy today!