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  1. How Pain Impacts the Brain: How Much CBD to Take for Pain

    CBD for pain

    Find out more about what pain does to the brain, problems caused by pain, and how much CBD to take for pain. 

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  2. Importance of Post-Workout Recovery


    The best athletes in the world could never perform to their highest potential without a plan for post-workout recovery. Are you losing hard-earned gains?

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  3. How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions from Failing - 2021

    New Year's Eve Sparkler

    The generally accepted statistics state that only 8 to 12 percent of all new year’s resolutions fail.

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  4. CBD Cold Weather Stress Solutions This Winter

    leaves with snow

    In cold weather, CBD may be able to help combat symptoms of temperature-induced stress. 

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  5. Natural Ways to Cope with Inflammation

    Man putting cbd on hurt shoulder

    Inflammation is a necessary part of life. Discover when you should be concerned and how to naturally cope with inflammation. 

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  6. 6 Ways to Avoid Cold Weather Joint Pain

    woman stretching in winter

    Since not everyone can vacation half the year in the tropics, here on some tips on how you can deal with cold weather joint pain.

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  7. Is CBD Good for Pain? 

    CBD for pain on skateboard

    Numerous studies and polls over the past year indicate the using CBD for pain is one of the top reasons consumers are purchasing CBD products, but is CBD good for pain?

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  8. Topical CBD for Workout

    Girl running

    Not only can CBD for workout help keep you in the gym, but it can also keep you motivated and feeling your best so you can achieve what goals you have set for yourself. 

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  9. Introducing Limited Edition Targeted Topical CBD for Yoga, Workout and Winter Sports

    active lifestyles

    Receptra’s best-selling and number one-ranked Targeted Topical™ CBD is now available in limited edition, activity specific designs: CBD for workout, CBD for yoga and CBD for winter sports. 

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  10. CBD for Winter Sports

    woman in snow

    CBD for winter sports like snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing and more might be exactly what you need to keep active this season. 

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