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Receptra CBD Oats Recipe

Everyone has heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what are you eating? Let us make a suggestion....

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CBD Raspberry Salad Dressing Recipe

Everybody loves a good salad. Receptra is taking it from good to great with this CBD Raspberry Salad Dressing recipe. The carefully-chosen ingredients for this antioxidant-rich dressing make it delicious and filling for both the stomach and the soul. 2/3 Cup Balsamic...

Receptra Fresh Berry CBD Wellness Smoothie

Receptra Fresh Berry CBD Wellness Smoothie What you put in your body is crucial to your overall health. This Receptra Fresh Berry CBD Wellness Smoothie contains everything your body needs to jump start your day. The ingredients include vitamin C, protein,...

A CBD Massage is Exactly What You Need Right Now

You are really looking forward to that long overdue massage appointment. Maybe it calms you. Maybe it energizes you. Maybe it helps with that nasty tension in your lower back, or that left shoulder that keeps acting up. Whatever it is, you know it feels great. What if...

What Would Happen if Olympic Ice Hockey Teams Used CBD Oil?

Olympic ice hockey players are a unique breed whose skills are multi-faceted. These athletes have to be able to hit a small puck in a specific direction with a stick, while moving purposefully on skates without falling on their faces. For the average person, this...

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