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Sleep for Adventure Travelers

Ok, so sleep is important all the time for absolutely everyone. There is no doubt about that. For adventure travelers, sleep plays a crucial role in making the best of your trip. Sleep deprivation is known to cause a number of pretty serious problems, most of which...

Homemade Receptra Pet CBD Dog Treats Recipe

These treats were designed with dogs in mind, but they are just so delicious, you may want some for yourself! This simple CBD dog treat recipe uses only five ingredients and will have you and your pup sitting, staying and maybe even shaking for this CBD, coconutty...

5 Razones Para Escoger Receptra Naturals CBD

Existen innumerables marcas de aceites CBD, hoy en día. Pero porque los productos Receptra Naturals son diferente? Pues bien, nosotros tenemos muchas razones para decir que nuestros aceites hechos con CBD son los encabezan la lista de todos los que están en el...

Turmeric: a Super Food You Need for Healthy Living

History is on the side of turmeric, a super food commonly used in Eastern diets as a spice, as well as for its natural healing properties. While it has long been the answer to many common ailments, perhaps the most essential is its ability to battle chronic...

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