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  1. 6 Ways to Avoid Cold Weather Joint Pain

    woman stretching in winter
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  2. How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule, Naturally

    woman reading before bed

    Sleep deprivation is a huge problem nationally. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 35% of adults don’t get enough sleep. 

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  3. Hemp Gummies vs CBD Gummies: What’s the Difference? 

    CBD hemp gummies with hemp plant

    Much of the confusion when it comes to hemp gummies vs CBD gummies is just a product of lack of marketing clarity in the CBD industry.  

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  4. Receptra CBD Hemp Bucking 2020

    Hemp bucking

    One of the most exciting times of the year for the Receptra Team is our annual Hemp Bucking/Shucking Party!

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  5. Berry Compote with Whipped Yogurt Spread and CBD Recipe

    Berry compote with CBD

    Wow your guests with the complex flavors of something that looks so simple! This berry compote with whipped yogurt spread is a great snack for anytime of the day.

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  6. How Can CBD Help Veterans? 

    military veteran with dog

    CBD oil may be an option to provide some natural relief to these veterans and make it easier for them to cope with daily life. Here is why natural CBD for veterans could be important.  

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  7. Receptra Naturals CBD Celebrates Veteran’s Day 2020 

    Receptra Veterans day flag

    In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Receptra Team has chosen to make an even bigger impact on those heroes who have sacrificed to keep us safe by donating to the Wounded Warriors Family Support nonprofit. 

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  8. CBD Oil for Pets This Winter

    Cat walking in snow

    Much like their human counterparts, when the weather changes and the temperature drops, you may notice your pet walking slower and being less excited about getting out of bed.

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  9. Ube Halaya Recipe with Receptra CBD

    ube halaya cbd recipe

    This amazing Ube Halaya Recipe with Receptra CBD was created by Tiffany Hang of Dash of Hang and is just in time for the holiday food-prepping season.

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  10. Is CBD Good for Pain? 

    CBD for pain on skateboard

    Numerous studies and polls over the past year indicate the using CBD for pain is one of the top reasons consumers are purchasing CBD products, but is CBD good for pain?

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