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The finest handpicked floral hemp. Free from seeds and stalks. Safe & clean ethanol extractions. Available in ALL 50 STATES.

UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten Chooses Receptra Elite


“I can train really hard when using Receptra Elite. I push myself harder and I look better now, than when I was fighting. It’s crazy.” Bas Rutten, UFC Hall of Famer

Riley Cote, Retired NHL Player, Chooses Receptra Active


“Receptra Active has given me mental clarity, physical endurance, and motivation to achieve new levels of personal accomplishment. This all natural hemp product is a staple in my journey to achieve optimal wellness.”Riley Cote, Retired NHL Player

Demetrin Veal, Retired NFL Player, Chooses Receptra Pro


“After being plagued with sleepless nights and daily anxiety, I started taking Receptra Pro before bed. Now, I average 5-6 hours of sleep a night, compared to just 3 or 4 hours before.”Demetrin Veal, Retired NFL Player

Ian “The Hurricane” Heinisch, MMA Fighter, Chooses Receptra Targeted Topical


“Since using the Receptra Targeted Topical, aches and pains have become a thing of the past.”Ian “The Hurricane” Heinisch MMA Fighter

Where is Your Receptra Sweet Spot?


Turmeric: A Natural Performance Booster

Turmeric is a super food that is associated with its natural healing properties. Turmeric contains the natural compound Curcumin that has shown significant anti-inflammatory properties. Receptra Elite and Pro combine the natural powers of Turmeric and Hemp to provide your body with premium fuel for your Active Living Strategy.

MCT Oil for Metabolism and Fat Burning Potential

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are a popular addition to any fitness routine. These small chain fatty acids can bypass the digestion process that longer chain fats require. Therefore MCT can give you immediate energy and is not stored in fat cells. For this reason, MCT Oil has been added to Receptra Active, Elite, and Pro to give you extra energy, focus, and fat burning potential.

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