The 2018 Farm Bill And How It Impacts CBD Products

The Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a piece of legislation which is renewed every five years. It covers almost every government regulation regarding farming and agriculture in the United States. When you hear news coverage about the Farm Bill, you’re most likely hearing about the most recent iteration of the bill and any significant changes that go along with it. Last week, in a bipartisan vote, Congress approved the 2018 iteration of the law and Donald Trump signed it into law Thursday. If you’d like the exact details, you can see the full text of the farm bill here.

How Does the Farm Bill Relate to Hemp?

The latest iteration of the Farm Bill includes a provision regarding the regulations on farming industrial hemp. While the actual regulations are complex, the major changes boil down to removing hemp from the controlled substances list and allowing state governments to regulate hemp on their own terms. This also opens up more opportunities for researchers and medical professionals to perform rigorous studies proving the health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD).

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant in the Cannabis family that is grown for many different purposes. Hemp is most commonly used in the food, fuel, and textile industries, but is also used for wellness products like Receptra CBD extracts and in beauty products such as shampoos, lotions, and moisturizers. Hemp stems have strong fibers surrounding them which make a fabric with a texture similar to linen. For more information on the uses of hemp, check out this article.

How Does the Farm Bill Relate to Receptra CBD?

Receptra CBD is entirely hemp derived. While CBD has been legal in all 50 states for some time, the latest iteration of the Farm Bill means that the growing of hemp could become more widespread and easier from a legal standpoint. This means that hemp is now a viable commercial crop option for many more farmers. This also means that hemp growers will be able to meet the growing demand for hemp derived products, such as Receptra CBD.
you can see the full text of the Farm Bill here.
No. The regulations surrounding marijuana are unchanged by this legislation. Hemp and marijuana are two completely different products. Both are members of the Cannabis family and the two plants look somewhat similar, however, there are structural differences that make the plants very different. The biggest difference is the concentration of THC in the plant. Marijuana contains a large amount of THC, the chemical that creates a “high” feeling when consumed. Hemp, on the other hand, has little to no THC and cannot get a consumer “high.” For more on the distinction between the two plants, check out our blog on the subject.

Will This Change the Receptra CBD Product?

Don’t worry, we’ll continue to provide the same high-quality CBD oil that the Receptra Family has come to expect. We’ll continue to use only the best plants from each hemp harvest for our CBD extracts and topicals and will always adhere to our philosophy of providing the highest quality CBD products.
To watch educational and informative videos about the farm bill you can visit our dedicated page here.

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